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Pitbull can't stop smiling after being rescued. These 10 photos say it all

It's pretty clear when a dog is happy - they'll pant, stare at you adoringly, and wag their tail like crazy. But how many dogs do you know that actually smile?

That's what this loveable goof hasn't been able to stop doing ever since he got rescued. Check out this amazing dog and his infectious expression!

1. His name is meatball

2. His nickname is The Chunk

3. We're not sure which name we love more

4. He's so happy he can't contain himself

5. Lisa Reilly saw him on Fresno Bully Rescue's page and fell in love, and decided he had to join the family!

6. Meatball is built like an English Bulldog, so he can get overheated easily

7. He loves just hanging out on the couch with his family

8. He can even smile upside down!

9. He is a huge goof and full of energy, says his mom

10. We just can't get over that amazing smile

We hope you enjoyed this little photo collection! You can check out more of Meatball and the rest of the crew on Lisa Reilly's Instagram page. Share this loveable face with your family and friends!

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