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Curious bird listens to song on the piano – his next move is simply astounding

We all know parrots can talk - but did you know they can whistle too? Well, in fact, they can, and a beautiful gray African parrot is showing us just how multitalented these birds are in his popular Youtube video.
In the clip, you see Ollie the parrot swinging his body, ruffling his feathers, and what looks like snapping his talons to the beat. He's definitely got the moves - but then, he breaks out into song! The stunning bird starts whistling away while his backup band plays away on the keyboard.

Ollie even stops singing and looks over at his keyboard player when they stop tapping the keys. Other times, Ollie waits for the tune then improvises his own little whistle - swinging his head to the beat and dancing the entire time.

The video isn't just cute, it's a testament to how smart and talented these creatures are. Just watching this video, you get a sense of the kind of amazing lives these birds lead. So, don't waste any more time and check out this adorable video right here below. You don't want to miss it!

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