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As everyone was hiding away from the cold, he poured water in bread tins. His idea is brilliant.

The entire east coast of America got hit by a snowstorm and everyone just wanted to hide away from it. But the young ice-hockey player, Mitch Fritz, from Minnesota, had a completely different idea. He built an igloo! To do so, he first bought hundreds of bread tins and filled them with dyed water, then left them to freeze over night.

Then he meticulously marked out the floor plan of his icy house in the snow. 
The next morning his "building blocks" were ready and he got to work. In just a few hours the result of his unique work was there to be seen. Why did he do this? "I'm not much of a video game player and I like spending time outside. The igloo allowed me to spend more time outside." The colors make his construction look particularly cool and when the light shines through, it really has a wonderful atmosphere. 

The proud master in front of his work. "And I'm happy to share" joked the junior architect.

Over 500 cololred ice bricks and ca. 15 hours went into making it. But it was definitely worth it and the time, in which a lot of social life got disrupted due to the snow storm, was definitely well used by Mitch!
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