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This health activist accidentally discovers how to get high for over 10 hours by juicing raw..

Popular Youtuber John Kohler, who lives on a homegrown organic raw diet, recently stumbled upon a recipe that accomplished something conventional wisdom says is impossible; he got insanely high from raw cannabis.

This is a profound discovery. Cannabis is juiced for medicinal purposes and as a great way to ingest the leaf without any buzz at all. Any doctor or scientist will tell you this:

While the downsides of getting high are often debated, the fact is that some people prefer their cannabis without psychoactive effects. This is where juicing comes in handy.

Since heat is required to convert the THCA in raw cannabis into THC, its psychoactive form, juicing provides a way of obtaining many of the benefits of cannabis without getting high.

The most common method of getting high by smoking the buds (THC). Filling your lungs up with smoke is not a healthy activity. Vaporizers and eatables offer healthier alternative but still, the THC must be cooked to activate the psychoactive effects. But not anymore.

The craziest part is they just juiced the leaf with very little TCH content. John Kohler created a juicing recipe with no intention to get high. In fact, he does not like to get stoned and is typically completely sober.

John’s original intention for making the first half of the video was to educate the public about the best juicer to extract the beneficial phytochemicals, phytonutrients, cannabinoids, vitamins, minerals and more in the cannabis plant.

To his surprise, and what he considered an unpleasant experience, he was completely ripped for 10 hours. The next day, he invited a pothead friend to try it, who has a high THC tolerance, and he reported back that it was the best high he’s ever had. He loved it. This offers an incredibly healthy way to get high.

Please note: much of the cannabis grown uses an ridiculous amount of pesticides. Make sure you source your cannabis from somebody who grows it organically.

So why did this happen?

There must have been a reaction between the cannabinoids (cbds) from the cannabis leaves, citric acid from the tangarines and MCTs from the coconut. They each separately had drink Kombucha that day as well.

They go onto explain why they think it worked and other recipe ideas to enhance or eliminate the buzz.

If you plan on trying this, watch the video first.

The medicinal possibilities are limitless. Please note: be careful when experimenting. Don’t experiment with children. They used leaves with low THC content. Proceed with caution.

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