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Her son died and she had no time to mourn. But then a voice speaks to her on the radio and everything changes.

As this mother climbs into the car,there's no way she suspects what will happen next. She'll never forget this car ride.

Michelle is from Australia and experienced the worst thing that can ever happen to a mother. Her oldest son died just a few months ago in a tragic accident at age 19. Since then nothing is the same. But there is no time to mourn: her 3 children need her. She must work because the bills are piling up. So her daughter Crystal turns to a radio station with her family’s story. They are so touched by the story that they agree to help. Under a pretense they lure their mother into the car. As Michelle turns on the radio, she can’t believe her ears. These 3 emotional minutes will bring tears to your eyes.

Thanks to the unbelievable generosity of the radio station, Michelle no longer has to worry about losing her house. No one can replace her son, but she is infinitely thankful for the people who stand by her in this trying time. Share this article when Michelle’s story and the selfless actions of the radio station have touched you as well.
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